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Sunday morning - weekly worship engaging with the ancient faith and its radical heart of grace at 10 am followed by morning tea.

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Wednesday and Friday - Op Shop sorting.  Come from 9-12 and help sort the treasure from the trash.  First picks and free morning tea, too.

Friday - Op Shop open from 4 30 to 6.

Saturday morning - Op Shop open from 9am til 12pm, Frilly's from 9:30 til 11:30am and the Mulch Pit Community Garden open indefinitely.


The practice of connectivity.

Element - metal
strength and determination, flexibility and structure, courage and hope

Colour - white
love, forgiveness, community and grateful living

We are a community that invites all to explore and experience truth as each knows it.


Nightcliff Uniting Church 2013 Global Indigenous Stories Film Screening #2: ÂS NUTAYUNEÂN — WE STILL LIVE HERE

A multi award-winning documentary film by Anne Makepeace

Saturday March 16, 7-9pm
2010 l 82 mins l USA

ÂS NUTAYUNEÂN - WE STILL LIVE HERE tells a remarkable story of
language and cultural revival by the Wampanoag Indians of Southeastern
Massachusetts in the NE of the USA.

Wampanoag ancestors ensured the survival of 'the Pilgrims' in New
England and lived to regret it.

Spurred on by their intrepid linguist Jessie Little Doe Baird, they
are now saying loud and clear, and in their Native tongue, "Âs
Nutayuneân," – "We Still Live Here."

"We are here," they said. This sacred message was given to Jessie
'Little Doe' Baird in Wôpanâak (Wampanoag language) during the same
dream for three nights in a row. During the dream she saw the same
circle of faces... faces of her ancestors. At that time, she knew
nothing of her people's language but Little Doe wondered if the words
were in Wampanoag, the language of her ancestors Thus began a journey
that, through the joint collaborative efforts of the Mashpee,
Aquinnah, Assonet and Herring Pond Wampanoag communities, led to the
birth of the Wôpanâak Language Reclamation Project, a project that,
after 150 years of dormancy, is bringing back to life the tribes'
sacred privilege and right -- their ancestral language.

Photo courtesy of Cultural Survival http://www.culturalsurvival.org/

For more information about the Wôpanâak Language Reclamation Project
see http://wlrp.org/

See also the OurMotherTongues project -

For more information about the film and to watch a trailer visit

Discussion and cuppa following the film.

All welcome. Entry free, donations welcome. All money raised this week
will go to Cultural Survival.


Indonesian Missionary Fellowship Feast!

After this weeks service we will be joined by the Indonesian Missionary Fellowship, who are providing lunch as one of their fundraising strategies. Please come along, donate and share in the feast!


Deep Democracy comes to Darwin

click on the poster image to go to a downloadable PDF

Or for more information, follow this link - www.deep-democracy.net


David Crawford Commissioned as Pastor


Steve Orme, David Crawford, Stuart McMillan, Jenny TymmsNUC is connected to the Pilgrim Presbytery of Northern Australia, which is the regional body that authorises leaders in various roles. On Friday, 11 February 2011, David Crawford was commissioned as Pastor into two roles - Chaplain at Royal Darwin Hospital and Pastoral Care Worker of the Northern Territory Dementia Behaviour Management Advisory Service.

A prayer from the service.

God, source and home of all things, in the beginning you sang creation into being and formed this rich red land. You are worthy of praise.

Lord Jesus, brother and healer, Word of God and one-with-us, your love for the world took you to the cross. You make us whole.

Spirit of God, within and among us, midwife of a world transformed, and bringer of new life. You inspire us to live in hope.

Congratulations and best wishes, David.


sharing our story in video

Late last year, the two Marks (Mark Burger and Mark Hillis) invited Nightcliff to share our practices around inclusive worship on a video resource for the wider church.

Here's a link to the explanation - the video is out now and we'll be looking to screen it (if we can stand to look at ourselves!) sometime.

Video Education Resource