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A discernment story

Here is a personal story about the practice of discernment.

Perhaps it could be described as ‘history remembered’ rather than ‘history recorded’, as past events seem to lose their hard edges and meld into a soft collection of interwoven memories.   As a community, Nightcliff has always held to the ideal of supporting a personal journey of meaning-making, without judgement or prejudice.  Mostly this happens, but sometimes our shadow side is never far behind us.

I experienced this shadow side on one occasion when I was grappling with what Spinoza coined as pantheism.  This is the notion that all is God, all is sacred, all is divine, even the dodgy bits.  There is nothing more, there is nothing less to the sacred.  It’s a simple equation.   When I shared with some about the resonance this held for me, I was told, the church had settled that heresy centuries ago.

Now I am a firm believer that all philosophic thought is current, no matter the age or circumstance from whence it came.  Prophets of the human condition have been calling out for millennia. From Epicureus to Derrida, from Augustine to Seneca, from  Plato to Satre.  For me, all have some value, all are part of the struggle for understanding our place of participation in the universe.

My journey continued nonetheless, a little exasperated at the time perhaps, but continued all the same.  The notion of pantheism eventually gave way to notions of panentheism, which gave way to notions of emergentism, which has given way to .... I dunno, it’s a work in progress!  But on reflection, it has been through the practice of community life at Nightcliff that has been the major  shaper of my deepening sense of an abiding Other, a mysterious Other, a unitive Other.  I think, the living out of our relationships reveals most of how the sacred is present to us, as we take responsibility for care of the world and care for our local and global communities.

My hope is that we all have the grace to support each other on this journey;  I sense it has the power to transform all of us in our desire to bring peace, justice and co-operation to our little corner of the world.


Reader Comments (2)

Thanks Stephen, isn't it an interesting journey? Lots to see along the way!

I was just listening to one of the astronomers who work on the Hubble Telescope. He reminded his audience that we only discovered Dark Matter, the substance (if you can call it that) that makes up 98% of the universe (I think that figure is correct) in 1998. That means that only just over a decade ago we had no idea that 98% of the universe existed.

Things are changing; fast.

Being at a place where we can receive all of the new insights and information and bring to bear the wisdom and traditions of the past and our current hopes, fears and uncertainties seems to me to be the work of life and our calling as a Church.

Bloody hard to do but!

June 18, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterPaul Turley

Hi Paul,

Yeah, I think its kinda interesting too that from a science point of view, most of the universe is stuff we can't see anyway. There seems to be an inbuilt mechanism in the universe that makes sure mystery is first, certitudes come a distant second!!!

Cheers mate.

July 16, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterStephen

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