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Sunday morning - weekly worship engaging with the ancient faith and its radical heart of grace at 10 am followed by morning tea.

Wednesday- newsletter deadline, send to nucnewseditor@gmail.com

Wednesday and Friday - Op Shop sorting.  Come from 9-12 and help sort the treasure from the trash.  First picks and free morning tea, too.

Friday - Op Shop open from 4 30 to 6.

Saturday morning - Op Shop open from 9am til 12pm, Frilly's from 9:30 til 11:30am and the Mulch Pit Community Garden open indefinitely.


The practice of hospitality.

Element - earth
tradition and story, memory and possibility, living and dying

Colour - yellow
welcome, safety, peace, acceptance

We are a community that makes a place at the table for all to seek and celebrate.


Remembering Margaret

a table of memories of Margaret with the Op Shop set up in the backgroundA celebration of the life of Margaret McDermid was held at NUC on Friday, 28 January 2011.

Margaret was widely known as "The Op Shop" lady. She was instrumental in developing the Op Shop into the dynamic, open and friendly place of hospitality it is today, including managing it for over 10 years.




Family and friends gathered to remember this persevering, kind and generous woman, and in a fitting tribute, to bring out the Op Shop racks and set up for Saturday's regular opening hours.

Thank you, Margaret, for all that you shared with so many...and God bless you.



An Intro to Frilly's for Refreshment

Here's a podcast to download to hear about Frilly's for Refreshment - a fair trade coffee and tea cafe at the heart of our practice of hospitality.

Intro to Frilly's


This is where we...

tell hospitality stories