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Sunday morning - weekly worship engaging with the ancient faith and its radical heart of grace at 10 am followed by morning tea.

Wednesday- newsletter deadline, send to nucnewseditor@gmail.com

Wednesday and Friday - Op Shop sorting.  Come from 9-12 and help sort the treasure from the trash.  First picks and free morning tea, too.

Friday - Op Shop open from 4 30 to 6.

Saturday morning - Op Shop open from 9am til 12pm, Frilly's from 9:30 til 11:30am and the Mulch Pit Community Garden open indefinitely.


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A sane approach to caring for the community rooted in the ancient vision of Christianity. A vision that calls for a world based not on the standard orders of greed or competition or revenge or power, but on sharing, encouraging, forgiveness and grace. That is the vision of Christ.

And of the ancient faith long before; the old order is thrown down; Hannah sings it in her song, then Mary, then Jesus.  An alternative way: where the first become last, and the last become first, where the only law is love, and love is the law. An Alternative Resource Community? A Community built on Grace.




An Induction! 

Members of the Nightcliff Uniting Church congregation are delighted to welcome Pastor Basil Schild and his wife Lisa Stefanof into our community and the greater Pilgrim Presbytary. Basil's induction was held on Sunday June 3rd, and it was lovely to see both Basil and Lisa and a strong representation of the NUC community. We look forward to growing together!


Thanks to David Forsyth for the pictures from the morning.



Fair Trade Week 2012 at Nightcliff Uniting Church

Frilly’s morning tea and coffee space at Nightcliff Uniting Church serves up the finest Fair Trade coffee, tea and hot chocolate every Saturday morning. But on Saturday May 12, Frilly’s celebrated World Fair Trade Day 2012 with a Fair Trade Breakfast. An enthusiastic team of volunteers served up over 120 cups of coffee and 30 cups of tea, along with a bounty of homemade breakfast foods featuring Fair Trade ingredients such as creamy rice pudding, nutty quinoa with orange and currents, chocolate muffins and a variety of breads with choc hazelnut spread. There were also bulk take home packs of FT coffee and tea available for sale on the day. Susan Wills was the winner of a hamper full of Fair Trade goodies just for enjoying a hot drink at the breakfast.

Frilly’s has been supporting the Fair Trade cause since it’s opening in 2010 and was successful in converting Nightcliff Uniting Church into a Fair Trade Faith Community in 2012, which means all tea and coffee consumed on the site supports Fair Trade farmers, producers, workers and their families working under the Fair Trade system. The home drinking habits of many church members have changed too!   (www.fairtrade.com.au/page/what-fairtrade)

The Fair Trade Breakfast was Frilly’s busiest morning ever, with some new faces discovering the Frilly’s buzz that has become a favourite part of NUC’s Alternative Resource Community. Breakfast buffs also enjoyed tours through the Mulch Pit Community Food Garden and picked up bags of bargains at arguably Darwin’s cheapest Op Shop.

The best news is you can enjoy a fresh cup of Fair Trade coffee, tea and hot chocolate every Saturday morning from 9:30 at NUC.


Fair Trade Fortnight at Frilly's! 


Fair Trade Fortnight (5 - 20 May)  is an annual celebration of all things fair trade!  This year we spreading the word that EVERY CHOICE MATTERS!  The purchasing decisions you make can make a positive impact for farmers, workers and their communities.

This year Frilly's will be joining the World's Biggest FAIR TRADE BREAKFAST on World Fair Trade Day.  Come to Frilly's for Fair Trade at Nightcliff Uniting Church from 8am on Saturday May 12 for fair trade coffee, tea, hot chocolate and homecooked breakfast goodies made from certified Fair Trade ingredients.  

You will also go into the draw for a hamper packed with lots of Fair Trade Products including coffee, teas and chocolate - yummo!

Be part of Australia’s biggest annual celebration of all things fair trade and celebrate the life-changing difference our Fairtrade choice makes for millions farmers, producers, their families and communities in developing countries.


PS:  EXTRA FRILLY'S VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!  Please contact Lucy Van Sambeek at wmlrvansambeek@bigpond.com if you would like to help prepare a breakfast dish for the Fair Trade Breakfast, or help with setting upwith serving or with packing up on the day at Frilly's!



Heart promises

Yesterday as part of our service we pondered 'heart promises' and what they mean to us. As part of our prayers for others we joined in writing those in our hearts and minds on hearts that were then displayed at the front of the church.

We also contemplated the spiral, and were invited as a congregation to travel a spiral (in the style one travels a labyrinth) as the service went on around us. This connects back to our very first weeks of Lent, where we participated in a similar but different activity where we used the spiral as a metaphor for our journey from Lent last year to this year, contemplating the things that have changed and how very (or minimally) different life looks now.

Meanwhile, some of the kids (and young at heart) were outside helping Dan complete the geodesic dome. This has been a work in progress throughout the Lenten period and it was great to watch it slowly form. Well done to Dan and the kids for pulling this together, it looks fantastic! 


LENT EVENT 2012 Sunday 18 March, 2012



Partner in focus:                            

Methodist Church of Zimbabwe

Development Focus:                    

Health-care (combating HIV/AIDS)


Methodist Church in Zimbabwe from Lent Event 2012 Worship


Millennium Development Goal:


Reduce Child Mortality & Combat HIV/AIDS and other diseases


Theological background by Rev John Barr


HIV/AIDS is an insidious thing. Its impact upon local communities is horrendous as young people are often affected. Generations are impacted and many poor countries subsequently loose their most talented, productive members.  I remember visiting Lusaka, the capital of Zambia some years ago. Here one of the local ministers commented that most of his time was involved in conducting funerals….endless tragic funerals of young people who had died of AIDS.

The Pool of Bethesda is a pool of water located in what is now the Muslim quarter of Jerusalem. The pool is said to have healing qualities and in Jesus’ day people with many kinds of disabilities and illnesses gathered on the porticoes around the pool.

In John 5 we encounter an invalid who had been ill for 38 years. He waits patiently, lying on the ground, to get into the pool. But he never manages to get there. Jesus meets him and a conversation takes place: “Do you want to be made well?” Jesus asks. “Sir, I have no one to put me into the pool when the water is stirred up; and while I am making my way, someone else steps down ahead of me,” the man replies.  Jesus then says to him “Stand up, take your mat and walk.” The man is made well, takes up his mat and walks.

This is a powerful story because it says a number of important things. Firstly, the invalid waits helplessly on the edge of pool. He yearns to be healed of his terrible ailment. It’s possible he can be healed but there is no there one to help him. Finally, Jesus comes along and as the one “who gives life” (John 5:21), the man is restored to health.

When I hear this story I am prompted to consider those who are infected with HIV/AIDS. I am aware of the millions who suffer from malaria and I am deeply conscious of the many children who suffer the tragic consequences of malnutrition. I am so prompted because HIV/AIDS, malaria and malnutrition together with many other things that contribute to high rate of child mortality can actually be treated. We have the means!

We do have the ability to prolong and increase the quality of life of those impacted by HIV/AIDS. We do have the means to treat malaria and we do have the resources to actually prevent malnutrition and limit child mortality. All that is needed is the intervention and the presence of the Great Healer, who is, in this case, those who come in the name of Christ to heal and restore.  

God is a God of life and God wills that everyone should have access to a decent quality of living. This is powerfully stated in the raising of Lazarus (John 11) with the declaration by Jesus that “I am the resurrection and the life” (John 11:25). Here Jesus restores a man to life. Life is restored. The deliberating, horrible effects of death and decay are overcome.

Our priority is to enhance and support life. Reducing child mortality and combatting HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases is a way of achieving this task. We all need to make a contribution.

Millions of people around the world are gathered on the porticoes waiting.

Visit www.lentevent.com for more information.



Teaching Sessions by Miriam Rose Ungunmerr Baumann, shared with Larrakia Elders

Both Miriam Rose Ungunmerr Baumann and Larrakia Nation folks  are ready to begin exploring how best to facilitate a visit by Miriam Rose to Darwin, in the second and third weeks of September 2011. This would be to present some workshops on Aboriginal Spirituality and Relationship to Country & Culture, in collaboration with Larrakia Elders, if they consent to being the cultural “hosts” for Miriam’s visit, and joint presenters if they so wish. The workshop content could vary according to different audiences, and may include some Aboriginal–Christian perspectives exploration, as well as more generic “secular” approaches.·

   There are several groups along with Nightcliff Uniting Church has expressed interest in sharing the support for & hosting of this presentation with St Pauls Catholic Congregation in Nightcliff, as a joint ecumenical experience. Please express your interest with Robbie Lloyd



Pentecost Spirit blows through NUC


 the kids decorated this Pentecost Place

On June 12, we celebrated Pentecost by a meaningful worship service with a baptism led by Jana and Paul. 



The Rev Jenny Tymms of the Pilgrim Presbytery of the Northern Synod led a short service to acknowledge the end of Paul and Jana’s placement with Nightcliff Uniting Church. 

Please join us on Saturday 18th June in The Mulch Pit (Community Food Garden), Nightcliff Uniting Church from 6pm to farewell Jana and Paul.

Details are on Weekly Updates bar.

Paul, Jana, Jenny


Costa's in the Garden

Join Costa from Costa's Garden Odyssey on SBS in the Mulch Pit (the community food garden at Nightcliff Uniting Church) at 5 p.m. this Friday evening, 3 June. He's coming back to the Mulch Pit to dedicate our shade house and water tank.

We'll be joining Costa and other community gardens at the Top End Sustainable Living Festival Saturday and Sunday, too.

See the links in the Weekly Updates bar.


Meeting 14.5.11 about asylum seekers



Hosting the Permaculture Design Course


The Mulch Pit community food garden at Nightcliff Uniting Church is very happy to host the upcoming Permaculture Design Course. The course begins Monday, May 9 and runs through May 21st. It's a 72-hour accredited intensive course - the same one that NUC participants Gai and Jana took two years ago that kicked off the whole Mulch Pit phenom!

If you're interested in more information about the course, please visit this link -


And if you're interested in community food gardens, please visit the Pit Crew any Saturday morning from about 8 30 onwards, usually stopping for a fair trade coffee or tea and homemade cake at Frilly's on site around 10 ish.