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Sunday morning - weekly worship engaging with the ancient faith and its radical heart of grace at 10 am followed by morning tea.

Wednesday- newsletter deadline, send to nucnewseditor@gmail.com

Wednesday and Friday - Op Shop sorting.  Come from 9-12 and help sort the treasure from the trash.  First picks and free morning tea, too.

Friday - Op Shop open from 4 30 to 6.

Saturday morning - Op Shop open from 9am til 12pm, Frilly's from 9:30 til 11:30am and the Mulch Pit Community Garden open indefinitely.


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A sane approach to caring for the community rooted in the ancient vision of Christianity. A vision that calls for a world based not on the standard orders of greed or competition or revenge or power, but on sharing, encouraging, forgiveness and grace. That is the vision of Christ.

And of the ancient faith long before; the old order is thrown down; Hannah sings it in her song, then Mary, then Jesus.  An alternative way: where the first become last, and the last become first, where the only law is love, and love is the law. An Alternative Resource Community? A Community built on Grace.




Holy Week and Easter at NUC

Here's how we'll be observing the events of Holy Week and Easter at Nightcliff this year. Everyone is welcome.

Please bring chairs, mossie repellant and hats (for when the sun emerges) to the Easter sunrise service. Otherwise, just come as you are to encounter a truly amazing story of power and vulnerability, death and new life.

As the poet Leunig says, there is only love and fear. The Easter story affirms that of the two, love can have the last word.


The services -

Thursday, 21 April
Maundy Thursday
traditionally an evening observance of the night Jesus spent with his disciples during Passover in Jerusalem...the night he was betrayed and handed over to the authorities
4 stations in the main worship area of the church
8 30 p.m.
enter in silence, make your way through the stations as you will

Friday, 22 April
Good Friday
traditionally a solemn day marking the day of Jesus' crucifixion execution
people are invited to spend the day in contemplation, with 3 gathering points at the church - 9 a.m., 12 noon and 3 p.m. for brief encounters with the story of Christ's passion from the Gospel of John

Sunday, 24 April
Easter Sunday
6 a.m. Easter sunrise service celebration of the new day and the new life message of Christianity
chocolate Easter egg hunt and breakfast to follow
Nightcliff foreshore, at the entrance to Rapid Creek across from the Beachfront hotel



When it rains, it pours

There's been no shortage of rain this wet season - the wettest February on record with one day dumping 1/3 of metre!



Likewise, there is no shortage of interesting opportunities for involvement around Darwin. Find out more about some of the events people associated with Nightcliff are involved in by following the links below as they become available.

Deep Democracy

Permaculture Design Course

Also, for people involved in the life of the congregation, please note that the AGM will be held on Sunday, March 20 from 3 00 p.m. to 5 00 p.m. Location TBA. Childcare arrangements TBA.


Asylum Seeker Film Night

click on the image to go the film's website for more information


Summit on Making our Property Really Work

Making Our Property Really Work:
A Planning Conversation for this Place

Sunday February 20 11:00 am - 12:30 pm (followed by lunch together - please bring something to share)

The community of Nightcliff Uniting Church is pretty wide these days, encompassing members of the Sunday morning congregation, volunteers and customers and friends of our Op Shop, Frilly’s and The Mulch Pit, and those who use the building and grounds for community gatherings.

Everyone who participates in one way or another is invited to join a gathering to plan how to make our spaces as welcoming and functional as possible both now and into the future.

Join us if you can.

A draft of the program for the summit can be found here called "Summit Program Draft."

We're doing this with an eye to the 7th generation, which is a North American indigenous concept about planning and decision-making that takes into consideration the future generations of the community. Here's a link to an interesting initiative based on this concept, drawing together grandmothers from indigenous cultures around the world.


Companions on the Journey with Those in Need



One of the favourite songs we sing at Nightcliff Uniting Church is "Companions on the Journey" and it sums up what most people affiliated with the congregation think we're on about.

Here are two opportunities to be companions to those caught up in difficult journeys related to the recent floods in Queensland and NSW and the fires in WA.

1. Donate to the Uniting Church Flood Appeal. Visit the following website for details and to make donations of $2 or more.


2. Attend a service of prayer and silent reflection organised by Paul Turley and Steve Orme

A service of prayer for those affected by Australia’s natural disasters

A time to quietly remember and pray for all those caught up in the Queensland

and NSW floods and the Western Australian fires 

Darwin Memorial Uniting Church

78 Smith St, Darwin

5:30 pm Friday 14 January 2011

Contact Paul Turley

0488 537 781


Frilly's Latest Frills

Frilly's, NUC's Saturday morning cafe space serving fair-trade coffee and tea and homemade cakes, just got an upgrade. Frilly's is self-sustaining through customer donations - no fixed prices for any of the treats - and we've now been able to purchase a coffee machine.

Here's Shirley, one of our first newly trained baristas, with coach and coffee connoisseur Paul. Well done, Shirley! Great coaching, Paul! Thanks to Gai for organising the team consensus and making the purchase. Paul will teach all the teams how to use the machine.

And here's the first cuppa, with Paul, Russell, faithful cake maker and customer Ros, and Shirley. Looks good enough to drink!


Update on Multicultural Elders Group


Dear Folks,

We had a fruitful and serious discussion last Saturday, when about 20 people joined the Multicultural Elders Group (MEG) at 3pm at Nightcliff Middle School, in the meeting room behind the Octagon Stage, in the school's central covered assembly area. That was followed by a friendly family BarBQ for about 40 people, with all ages sharing food and conversation.

Topics raised included: Ways of expressing Welcome & Respect; Cross-Generational Issues; Helping Neighbours interact more in our isolating world; Teaching Diverse young people in a way that builds respect for all ages; Increasing understanding of peoples cultural backgrounds and the lives that they lead before coming to Australia; Getting better engagement between schools and parents from diverse cultures; the value in "going remote" and sitting down on country with Aboriginal people to understand their ways better; some Universal things that we have in common that begin our conversation of sharing - eg. respect for elders; caring about each other; raising our children with love and the best opportunities to grow and develop; living respectfully with our environment; sharing food; sharing freedom of expression here in Australia; and finally focusing on Celebration as one definitely positive gift we can all share here. 

So we have now formally begun our journey together, and started to "flesh out" what "eldership" might mean to all of us, and how we can find common ground for mutual respect and sharing wisdom traditions across our diverse cultures. This will hopefully lead to shared work on issues of cross-generational and cross-cultural conflict affecting a number of different people. But our main aim is to keep discussing how RESPECT can be built up in our contemporary lives, using traditional ways to inform new partnerships for wellbeing.

Please come and join our next discussion on Sat 4 Dec at 4pm at Nightcliff Middle School, in "the Octagon area". We will have a small celebration at about 5.30pm, to end the year together, and hopefully make plans for a larger collaboration and cultural festivities next year. Please tell your friends that there is an open invitation for them to join this growing conversation of shared culture, spirit and friendship.


Robbie Lloyd

Acting Chairperson
Multicultural Elders Group  


Multicultural Elders Celebration

click on the picture to link to a PDF of this flyer


She's a Winner


Shirley Downing, a long-time member of NUC, recently claimed second prize in the Portrait of a Senior Territorian Art Awards with this exquisite self-portrait. Congratulations, Shirley, on a beautiful work and this wonderful achievement.

The exhibition is on in the Main Hall of Parliament House until October 28th.

There is a People's Choice Award, so make your way to the exhibition and vote for Shirley!


Season of Creation Banner Beauty

Here is the latest banner in the Season of Creation series begun last year at NUC. The mangrove, alive and teaming at the edge of the saltwater, was created by children and adults during the Sunday gatherings in September's Season of Creation.

Below is last year's banner - an image of the freshwater world here in the Top End of Australia. It was created by children and adults one afternoon last August in preparation for our first celebration of the Season of Creation.

These creations hang in the main area of the church building and are enjoyed not only by the Sunday morning gathering, but also the Friday night and Saturday morning Opp Shop crowds, the Indonesian Missionary Congregation that shares the building, and other various community groups that meet in the space.

Making and sharing these banners fits into our practices - emblems of sustainability, hospitality in the joy they convey, connectivity because the process of making and sharing brings people together.

Special thanks to Bronwyn and Stephen Jackson for facilitating both banner making projects. And thanks, Russell, for the pictures. And thanks to all the artists!

What shall we do for next year - the skies above?