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Sunday morning - weekly worship engaging with the ancient faith and its radical heart of grace at 10 am followed by morning tea.

Wednesday- newsletter deadline, send to nucnewseditor@gmail.com

Wednesday and Friday - Op Shop sorting.  Come from 9-12 and help sort the treasure from the trash.  First picks and free morning tea, too.

Friday - Op Shop open from 4 30 to 6.

Saturday morning - Op Shop open from 9am til 12pm, Frilly's from 9:30 til 11:30am and the Mulch Pit Community Garden open indefinitely.


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A sane approach to caring for the community rooted in the ancient vision of Christianity. A vision that calls for a world based not on the standard orders of greed or competition or revenge or power, but on sharing, encouraging, forgiveness and grace. That is the vision of Christ.

And of the ancient faith long before; the old order is thrown down; Hannah sings it in her song, then Mary, then Jesus.  An alternative way: where the first become last, and the last become first, where the only law is love, and love is the law. An Alternative Resource Community? A Community built on Grace.




Project X Summit

As a self-funding organization, Nightcliff Uniting Church has to be creative about finances - both income and expenditures.

On Sunday, 26 September at 1100 (or immediately following our regular Sunday morning gathering that starts at 9 30), we'll have a brainstorming summit to identify Project X (or Projects X) which will help us increase our income in the coming year.

Ideas have started to flow already with a Project X Box (no, you can't play it) installed in the entry way as a kind of "suggestion box" collection.

The 26th is also the weekend of the Millingimbi Cultural Festival so if you want to be in two places at once, drop your ideas into the Project X box before you go.

After Sunday, 19 September we'll post all the ideas gathered so far right here to get your creativity flowing. (UPDATE - SEE BELOW)


Is the Bible Green?

Norm Habel is an old testament scholar with a passion for the environment. He has written numerous books, the most recent of which is An Inconvenient Text. Norm has also been instrumental in progressing the celebration of A Season of Creation in churches around the world. (We're using the Season of Creation materials to guide our weekly gatherings on Sunday mornings through the month of September and the first week of October).

Norm will be in Darwin, courtesy of Christ Church Cathedral, on Saturday 4 September for a full day seminar (flyer here) and Sunday 5 September for 9 a.m. worship at the Cathedral.

There will be no service at NUC on Sunday morning so we can all troop downtown to hear this inspiring green speaker and biblical scholar.


Youth Group Join 40-Hour Famine

Members of NUC's youth group and some of their friends will be participating in World Vision's 40-Hour Famine next weekend. From Ian O-Reilly, youth group coordinator -

Youth Groupers, in 1 week many of you will be doing the 40 Hour Famine. Good on You! I hope you are gathering sponsors from school, sporting colleagues and family. The next activity is the sleepover at Nightcliff Uniting Church. We will start at 6pm on Saturday evening, attend the service (which, for those of you that haven’t experienced it, is not much like any church you’ve ever been to), then have lunch to break our famine at midday. (This means you should start your famine at 8 pm Friday night). Some of you may be doing without other things instead of food – see http://www.worldvision.com.au/40hourfamine.aspx for ideas (there’s furniture or technology, or how about sight (blindfold for 40 hours), or use of your thumbs?).

What's behind the movement? The Global Food Crisis. From the World Vision website -

Right now there are over ONE BILLION people suffering from chronic hunger.
One billion. That’s hard to comprehend, right? It's a thousand-million people.

It's nearly 1 in 6 people worldwide. Imagine 1 in 6 people at your school not having enough food. But your friends at school are ok, aren’t they? So, the hungry must be somewhere else…

So, why is it called the Global Food Crisis?

The term "Global Food Crisis" (GFC) was coined in 2007 as the world saw dramatic increases in the price of basic foods – rice, wheat, maize (aka corn), soybeans and so on – of a scale not experienced in four decades which ultimately created the biggest food crisis in human history.

The GFC: It’s chronic, it’s silent, and it’s complex

The Global Food Crisis is ‘chronic’ because it’s not about a single moment of time, but an ongoing reality for 1.02 billion people who don’t have enough to eat.

31 countries are plagued by chronic hunger – so why aren’t they in our newspapers? Well, because being hungry day after day, is a much less visible form of crisis. These people in the back streets of cities, in far reaches of deserts and high in mountain villages.

These food price rises were caused by an unprecedented combination of both supply and demand forces occurring all at the same time.

Sponsor a youth group member in this effort by connecting with them directly or contacting us here.


What a beauty!

It was a beautiful night under the stars. The models for the Opp Shop fashion parade were beautiful. Music by local bands The Dukes and the Jigsaw Collective was beautiful. The crowd, the company, the cakes and coffees from Frilly's for Refreshment were beautiful. The vibe was beyond beautiful!

The Dukes Ukulele Band

The Jigsaw Collective

In short, a good beautiful time was had by all on Friday night at the Opp Shop 30th Anniversary celebration and fashion parade. People from across the local community came out to enjoy the time together and sing the praises of this wonderful local institution. Love and support was in the air - thanks to our amazing volunteers and our very loyal customers. Shall we go for 30 more????

Watch for more stories, pics, and videos to follow.

Margaret gives the history of the Opp Shop with Wayne the MC in Opp Shop finery 


Opp Shop Celebrates 30 Years in Community

The NUC Opp Shop turns 30 this year and is celebrating with a fashion parade and bring-your-own-picnic tea starting at 6 30 p.m. on Friday, 6 August. Entry is by gold coin donation. There will be Lucky Number prizes, face painting, music by local artists and a surprise celebrity guest! 

Opp Shop coordinator, Jo, shown here enjoying a Fair Trade coffee at Frilly's outside the Opp Shop on a sunny Saturday morning, says, "Join in an evening of music and fun and end the evening with coffee and cake under the stars."

Format for the evening -

6 30 meet, mingle, face painting, eat
7 30 Welcome to Country, launch WESOW*
7 40 Larrakia children's parade
8 00 Celebrity guest
8 10 Opp Shop parade
9 00 Coffee and cake under the stars


*Women Ethically Supporting Other Women


Updated below - Community around the Campfire 


It's time for the annual church camp at Riyala. Friday 11 June - Monday 14 June.

From Wendy -
When to arrive: Anytime from Friday 11th in the afternoon.
What to bring: Everything (except plates, cups and cutlery), including
Things for leisure, & musical instruments
A sharp knife and a tea towel will be helpful
Insect repellant and protective clothes
Ideas for camp concert
Food - suggested menu on flyer in the "Special Events" section.
Where to sleep: your own tent or cabin accommodation
Who can come: Everyone, even for ½ or one day
Who is cooking: Everyone – it’s a bring and share deal (Damper only is provided for Sat night around the campfire)
Further Questions: See the flyer in the "Special Events" section.
Remember: No worship is scheduled at NUC on Sunday 13th June – alternatives include Casuarina & Darwin Memorial.

It's this much fun -

Wayne as the underwear-on-the-outside concert MC. 


Boys Group & Youth Group Put it into Practice

The Boys Group raised over $120 in donations at Frilly’s For Refreshment on World Fair Trade Day last Saturday. Their homemade cakes and slices and fair trade chocolate were very popular, and they were run off their feet keeping up with the demand for Fair Trade Coffee.

Well done Micah, Jesse, Lindsay, Ben and Jarrod!

The boys talk about their experience in a short podcast here.

The Boys Group are now challenging you to participate in the Big Swap during Fair Trade Fortnight until May 16. We want you to swap your usual stuff – your coffee, tea, bananas, chocolate – even your cotton T-shirt – to Fair Trade stuff. The more you swap the bigger the impact we make on the lives of small-scale producers in developing countries. With 2 billion people living on less than $2 a day, swapping your usual stuff for Fair Trade stuff helps create a better life for the coffee and cocoa growers, tea pluckers, cotton pickers and banana growers and their families. As well as a guaranteed minimum price, the extra Fair Trade Premium empowers growers to invest in the future for their communities and help themselves out of poverty. So why not get started by swapping your coffee at Frilly’s this Saturday?

Young people from NUC were involved in a Youth Climate Action at the Dripstone Cliffs - sending a message to the Australian government that climate change is a reality. It was part of Climate Reality Week. More pictures in Picture This.

Members of the group talk about their experience here.

These are great examples of the practices in practice - hospitality, sustainability, spaciousness, connectivity in action.


Cooking up Community

On Friday the 19th of March, a dozen or so people gathered at the church manse for the first of a new initiative (great idea, Lucy VSB!) called Community Chef. The fund raising events feature local people who know their way around the kitchen, particularly some special cuisine. This first one featured Mythily and Krishnan Krishnan, both from South India, teaching us all how to make some exquisite dishes.

One of the dishes was a pumpkin curry...made from The Mulch Pit community food garden's very own pumpkins! We thought we'd lost some of our first harvest but it turns out that Mythily and Krishnan can work wonders with any part of the pumpkin at any stage, size or level of ripeness.

This becomes this becomes this...


Ganma* Goes Deeper

Saturday March 6, 3:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Our Practices – going deeper
An afternoon, and shared evening meal, exploring more deeply two of our Practices; discernment and connectivity.




At Nightcliff Uniting Church, from 3:00 PM, shared meal at 6:00 PM. Feel free to come for the afternoon and the meal or just one. Childcare will be provided.

*Ganma: the mouth of a creek, the place where saltwater and freshwater mix.

In Ganma worlds mix, things are stirred up, and new, nutrient-rich environments come into being.


Ganma a little wet but good

The first Saturday of Ganma was wet but good - the rains came and went and so did a number of people through the learning centres set up on the themes of our practices, during the time that the Op Shop and Frilly's were operating.

The next Ganma event is this Saturday afternoon from 3 until a shared meal at 6-ish. 

It's also at the church, and will be a more in-depth experience of the practices - discernment and connectivity.

Everyone is welcome and bring something to share for the meal.