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what's on this week

Sunday morning - weekly worship engaging with the ancient faith and its radical heart of grace at 10 am followed by morning tea.

Wednesday- newsletter deadline, send to nucnewseditor@gmail.com

Wednesday and Friday - Op Shop sorting.  Come from 9-12 and help sort the treasure from the trash.  First picks and free morning tea, too.

Friday - Op Shop open from 4 30 to 6.

Saturday morning - Op Shop open from 9am til 12pm, Frilly's from 9:30 til 11:30am and the Mulch Pit Community Garden open indefinitely.



Worship to Start the Year

Worship for the month of January is a set liturgy designed to encourage contemplation. Usually, worship at NUC is creative and different each week, but this month we'll engage in an experiment. What new space for reflection and connection is opened up when the pattern of worship is repeated each week?

Worship leaders need only choose three songs and contact Ian with their choices, add the songs into the power point, and then show up to read through the pre-printed service. The service features a reading from The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo and several opportunities to think about the year past and the year ahead.

A copy of the service is available here.


Worship Planning for Season of Creation

Dear everyone
We are planning to celebrate, once again, the "season of creation" at NUC for the month of September; focussing on God the creator and the amazing natural environment in which we live.
You might like to look at the material on which we will probably base the services on the season of creation website:  http://www.seasonofcreation.com/    (for detail of this year's  themes go to the calendar section)
Looking forward to a fun planning session!


Worship Planning for Easter/Pentecost

Everyone is welcome to come along to the seasonal worship planning meeting for the upcoming Easter and Pentecost period.

Thursday 15 April 2010
8 00 p.m.
the manse - contact us through the contact page for directions







Penny and Ian facilitate the planning process, which includes looking at the lectionary passages for the season, working with ideas from the Seasons of the Spirit planning materials, talking about music, art and poetry to include, planning for children in worship and generally getting to know the themes and possibilities of the season.

People then sign up for weeks to lead the services, which most often means getting others involved, too. It's good fun and always a good mix of "veterans" and "newbies."